Saturday, August 5

Blue Sky To The Right, Thunderstorms To The Left, Morning Coffee Muses

The Saturday morning quiet is broken by the rumble of steel wheels on steel rails. Distant train horns blaring warning at railroad crossings on country roads. Birds singing welcome to the day in far off trees… The dichotomy of the sky just as big as the dichotomy of Texas weather. The pictures above were taken within seconds of each other.

Yesterday afternoon we had a nice little rain pass over. It wasn’t on radar before it started raining. And by the time it passed over, it had grown into a full on thunder boomer. By the time it approached the coat it was a “Special Weather Statement”. The evolution of a thunderstorm in about an hour and a half.  No thunder with our rain and nothing but thunder as it moved away. It did lower the temperature nicely through for our run to get the grandkids.

It looks like today’s weather is moving the opposite direction as yesterday’s. The big thunderstorm in the photo above has now moved out of sight to the north. There are a line of others farther to the east and south.

Every time I think I’ve finished setting up the new Dell I remember another set of software I have to install. Tax time will be a pain next year. All of my TurboTax files are gone, so I’ll have to start from scratch. Not gonna be the quick process it had become.

The dragonflies are out in force this morning. Patrolling a little higher this morning than they normally do. The first of the cardinals have arrived In the back yard. There are four hummingbirds having dogfights about the feeder. That’s the most I’ve seen at one time since spring. It’s too early for fall migration.

Coffee’s long gone and email is calling….

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