Friday, August 4

A Not Miserable, End Of The Week, Morning Coffee Muses

Looking south here on the back porch, the sky is almost completely Wedgwood Blue. With the exception of a band of clouds along the southeast horizon. But, I know that band of clouds is a massive bank of rain and thunder running along almost all of the Texas coast. The only question is… Where and when will it come ashore.

The weather prognosticators are foretelling of a massive chance of falling precipitation and thunderous light show for the afternoon hours… We will have to wait and see if their oracle like foretelling comes to pass.

I am torn about trying to make this a Deere meditations day or waiting for Monday… I’ll have to mull on it a bit. What’s the word I’m looking for… hmmmm…. Ahh yeah, procrastination. That sounds like a good word for today’s weather.

I saw in the news today that the Secret Service is in negotiations with Trump Tower. It seems they don’t think the price they are being asked to pay for space to house a command post below Trump’s apartment is reasonable. Can you imagine, Trump wants us to pay rent to protect him… Could that be considered a type of government welfare?

I guess the real question is, are we playing rent at his other properties to protect him?

From a glance at the sky I see the cloud bank that was barely visible is now showing up all across the southern horizon and covering a big chunk of the eastern sky. It looks like procrastination will probably win the day…

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