Tuesday, August 1

The Humidity Has Returned On This First Of August Morning Coffee Muses

Happy birthday to my wife.

I have come to the conclusion that yesterday’s pleasant feel was caused by a lack of our normal humidity. Even into the heat of the afternoon it wasn’t as oppressive as usual. Today, the humidity has returned to remind us this is the Texas Gulf Coast. And today is August first.

I think the mornings heat is about to run me back into my cave to hibernate right through the rest of the summer months…

Ahh… so much better. Now to turn on YouTube on the big screen and bring nature inside. Thank you BBC and Earth Unplugged.

The shenanigans in Washington are getting crazier and crazier. But if I hear one more of Trump’s surrogates say they are just working on what the American voters voted for them to do I may lose it. Only a small minority of American voters voted for their agenda, and what they are doing now has nothing to do with the agenda they proposed before the election. Hell, truth be told, what the President say has no resemblance to the bills being voted on… And each week, the crazy gets bigger, and comes at a greater speed. What happens when the fan really gets covered with it? Do we even have a FEMA director?

I mean, it seems to me like President Trump thinks he can make every executive decision on his own… How’s that going so far? At some point, before they alienate everyone in Congress, shouldn’t they nominate some folks for all of the positions they are claiming Democrats are blocking? I mean proving government doesn’t work by not staffing the government seems like a pretty poor argument for anything but your own incompetence… Just my opinion.

Does anyone know what happened to Harry’s desk sign? If it’s in a museum somewhere they should pull it out and dust it off and take it to the oval office. Trump needs to see it everyday… The Buck Stops Here… Not In Moscow.

Rant over… for this morning, anyway… But I haven’t checked the President’s tweets yet, so no promises.

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