Thursday, July 27

After the oppressive humidity Morning Coffee Muses

I didn’t have to wipe my cheaters at all today. And though it’s quite warm, the humidity isn’t drive right back inside. Which makes for a relatively nice southeast Texas summer morning at the end of July.

My Deere meditations were spent half under and half riding the Deere. Not the way I like to do meditations. And I’m feeling it today. Every muscle in my body aches from all of th up and down on the ground. I ended up taking the rear wheel off three times to access the underside of the mower. But the yard’s mowed one more time this ridiculous mowing season.

I just checked the radar, and right now there is no rain showing anywhere within 300 miles. From the look of the clouds and the feel of the air, that won’t last thru the afternoon. Yesterday I watched a thunderstorm hang just north of me for the entire afternoon. Pristine blue sky on one side, almost black on the other. Thunder in the distance all afternoon. Then about five o’clock it started moving northeast.

Coffee cup is empty and it’s time to check email. Maybe my t-shirt order that been wandering around in the postal service’s hands for almost three weeks will finally find it’s way to my mailbox. It was in Deer Park day before yesterday after being totally lost and off tracking for two weeks.

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