Wednesday, July 26

Already Hot and Humid Midweek Morning Coffee Muses

I popped out to catch the morning shot on the front porch and almost couldn’t get the condensation to quit forming on both my cheaters and the tablet. So, once the shots were captured, I headed back in to muse over coffee with the indoor climate more to my choosing. That view is recorded at the top of the page on my blog…

Like it or not I still have to get out and replace the belt on the mower and finish my Deere meditations that keep getting pushed back… Not a chore I’m looking forward to. The humidity is just oppressive out during the heat of the day.

We had some surprise thunder boomers foll thru yesterday. They knocked out the power for a couple of hours after we started the kids to bathing. Abby was in the tub when the power went out and darkness descended. She was not a happy camper. Cam had to bathe completely in the dark with a flashlight hanging from the shower curtain rod. Gotta love camping out in the house.

How about those Republicans? They got John McCain to drag himself out of a hospital bed just to keep up this fiction that they have a plan for healthcare. I always thought better of McCain. Now, to Sarah, I have to add this spectacle. Let’s hope that their plans to kill the ACA fail as quickly as every other one has.

I find myself having a hard time figuring out what the hell Republicans are doing… Other than trying to erase anything that reminds them of Obama. It’s a sad state that America is in that the party controlling the government is still just the party of NO… Not Obama.

Well, I have  a couple of dozen emails to get through before the torture, so another cup of coffee is called for.

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