Sunday, July 23

Quiet and still, warm and humid, Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Almost nothing is heard above the sound of the fans. Even the traffic roar isn’t intruding like during yesterday’s front porch musings.

Yesterday the rains came down fast and furious for awhile. Making the roads a challenge while we drove down Six to see the kids and the grandkids after their trip to Florida. Today’s foretelling by the prognosticators of weather isn’t as full of rain chances as yesterday. But the chance of excess heat is… excessive.

My new neighbor has a conundrum, the city is requiring him to either build a sidewalk across the front of his property or dead that amount of property to the city. Now the crazy part of this is, his is the last property in the city. The city limit is actually on his property. You would have to travel about a mile to find another sidewalk. And none of the property between is undeveloped, so the city can’t force anyone else to build sidewalks. So as usual, city requirements is for a sidewalk to nowhere, that no one can get to because of the ditch at the side of the road.


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