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Wednesday, July 19

It’s another computer/tablet failure morning into afternoon Coffee Muses

I’ve spent the day, so far anyway, trying to iron out my tablet issues. This is after spending all day try to do the same yesterday. I finally gave it up and just reformatted the memory card that has been giving me trouble. So we’ll see how that works.

Since I was having trouble with the camera app on the Kindle, I went out with the “real” camera and took some shots from the front porch this morning. Since I was using the card reader to try and fix and then reformat the memory card from the Kindle I couldn’t pull the pictures off the camera’s card until that was complete. Just a long way of saying this post is late due to technical difficulties beyond my control.

Anyway, here are some photos of my world today…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 19”

    1. Linda, once you are aware of them they show up all over. I have come to prefer them for summer color. And they really seem to like our climate.

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