Sunday, July 16

 A Cooler Than Normal, Not So Humid, Morning Coffee Muses

How can I tell it’s not so humid? I didn’t have to wipe my cheaters at all this morning, that’s how. Yesterday’s thunder all afternoon must have vibrated all of the excess moisture right out of the air. It sure rained enough to seem that way.

The soundtrack of today is the chirping of crickets. A solitary male cardinal just spent five minutes working up the courage to fly to the feeder for some seed. He was headed for the feeder when he saw me and veered to the wisteria. He used different vantage points there to spy on me before moving to the red oak for a higher vantage point. He moved around the crown of the tree for a few minutes before flying down to the feeder where he sat and watched me for a bit before going for the prise.

Other than that excitement, it’s a standard quiet Sunday morning on the back porch. It Almost nine a.m. and the birds are beginning to sing. And, it’s time for me to start breakfast.

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