Saturday, July 15

It’s So Humid You Can See The Moisture In The Air Morning Coffee Muses

There’s a haze looking across the yard. A haze you can feel. It’s not too warm yet but the humidity takes the pleasure out of the temperate start to the day.

Yesterday’s Deere meditations came out beautifully, I even swept the clippings to the back of the yard with the mower. The yard looks like a beautiful green carpet… at least for the weekend.

Already today there are thunderstorms building up over Bolivar and Galveston Bay. The prognosticators are foretelling another Gulf Coast summer’s day. Heat and humidity in the morning followed by the build-up of thunderstorms by noon-ish. Then rain falling somewhere in the vicinity, if not on you.

It seems the bird symphony doesn’t start until nine a.m. or later these days. Here it is fifteen till and I’m just starting to hear birdsong. Just a single bird singing in the distance… there’s another.

The one nice thing about having the floor fan running now is it masks the road noise from the bypass even more than the ceiling fans.

It’s time to call these muses done and go in and dry out… Humidity… bah humbug.

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