Friday, July 14

Early, Cooler, Dryer Morning Coffee Muses

There’s a mass of clouds between my house and the sun this morning keeping it cooler than normal. I’ll take any reason at all to return to the back porch for my morning muses. The morning temperatures are hanging right now in the mid seventies, almost mountain temperatures.

Birdwatching at this time of year is different from any other. The birds are not as vocal as in spring. Actually, they hardly sing at all. It’s all about movement now, a flash of color here, a movement in a bush there… and suddenly you have an orchard oriole. I’ve been aware that I live in their breeding range for awhile. But until yesterday, none had ever caught my eye outside of migration. Like a lot of birds that are resident here, you seldom see these orioles, but the pasture along the bayou is classic habitat.

The weather prognosticators are saying we can expect today to be cooler than yesterday with the same afternoon shower. I hope they are right. Otherwise my Deere meditations today will not be pleasant.

Birds are moving in and watching not writing is becoming more important… at least to me.

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