Wednesday, July 12

Front Porch Morning Coffee Muses

I decided it was time to mix it up a bit with a trip out the front door for a change. So the panorama above is the result. The front flower beds are all in their too hot to weed, after vacation, summer phase. And things only get worse from now to the end of summer.

We finally caught some rain yesterday afternoon. And from the look of the concrete out front we may have had more overnight. Friday’s Deere Meditation will be required for a peace filled weekend. Do you notice the predominate color in the photos you have been seeing… knock on wood… they are still showing all of the greens of early summer. Let’s hope it lasts.

I find myself needing to get back in the habit of writing to do lists. It seems it’s just to easy to skate along and not get things done without a written record of what needs to get done. Now to start checking some things off the list…

Time for me to get busy. Maybe a little breakfast first… and another cup of muses.

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