Tuesday, July 11

 It’s Another Warm Summer’s Morning Coffee Muses

Another day starting out in the upper seventies… but already in the eighties before I can get out the door and onto the back porch. Even the fans don’t help a lot when the day starts this way.

Yesterday for Sherry’s last day of vacation we decided to take another run at Killen’s Burgers. Sadly, as we were about to leave Sherry noticed on the menu that they were not open on Monday’s. The sad part was Sherry now had her sight set on an above average, not so fast food burger.

I pulled up Google Maps and scanned over to Dickinson looking at restaurants. That’s where I stumbled upon T J Reeds Better Burgers and Shakes. Long story short, we raced the weather across to their place and walked in the door just before the thunderstorm opened up. I was happily impressed with the restaurant, the staff, and the burgers. In the end, we came, we saw, we ate and we will go back. By the time we walked out the rains were over… But the sun never came back out in force. So, all was good in the burger world.

The new neighbor’s new house is beginning to be worked. At the end of last week they framed the foundation. Today their a tractor with a blade filling the frame with sand and packing it down.  Sidewalk superintendent hat on for the summer. And this time I’m not the one footing the bill.

Well, I’ve already killed to much of the morning… My email is backed up something terrible.

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