Monday, July 10

Another In A Long Line Of Hot, Humid Morning Coffee Muses.

It started out just tiny bit cooler this morning. It didn’t last. The day remembered the calendar and warmed up quickly once the sun came up.

We went to bed with overnight rains in the forecast… we woke up with the rain forecast unfulfilled, but now the prognosticators are foretelling of rain by lunch time. We need the rain. We keep getting missed by the afternoon showers… They are beautiful as they move past… Large dark thunderclouds, lightning flashing, bands of rain falling against the distant sky. Sailing by, just missing, filling ditches for someone else.

This morning, since I came inside instead of sitting on the back porch, I saw an abundance of birds on the front feeders. Chickadees, titmouses (titmice?), Carolina wrens, cardinals, ruby throats… I hadn’t seen so many birds at one time since we came down off the mountain. And many were the same birds…

Once Sherry goes back to work tomorrow I’ll start working on the photos I took with the camera… I didn’t take as many as in years past, but there are still probably a couple of hundred to weed through.

Email is calling… Later.


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