Saturday, July 8

Another Hot Humid Still Morning Coffee Muses

I broke down and sat in the rocker this morning rather than rush back inside after snapping my morning shots. It’s already in the mid eighties and I find myself missing the temperatures from a week ago.

Listening to the morning’s soundtrack, it’s cardinals and freight trains with a bit of pounding bass from someone’s passing car. Cattle egrets are up surveying their world in formation looking for a prime feeding field.

There’s a hawk patrolling the yard. I’ve seen more and more of them in the trees and on the ground around the house. That could be why I don’t seem to be seeing as many squirrels as I was at the beginning of spring.

So far the dragonflies have managed to survive the mosquito spraying  this season, though they aren’t as abundant as they were a few weeks ago. The milkweed at the end of the porch is casting it’s seeds upon the breeze. The little “wishes” as my granddaughter calls them are everywhere.

We have entered, or seem to have anyway, that summer weather pattern where the afternoon thunderstorms build up every day. They aren’t widespread, nor do they cover large areas… but when one slowly moves across you, they drop prodigious amounts of rain. We have watched as they moved past on all sides, but, none have moved over us. We had a brush on Thursday as I mowed… but it was just sliding past and the misty sprinkles we got weren’t even enough to stop me from mowing.

It seems to be getting on towards time for our weekly trip to the Busy Bee for breakfast.

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