Tuesday, June 27

Mountain Sunrise Morning Coffee Muses

Boy the sun rises early here. It’s a chilly start to the morning here on Tom’s Knob. It’s 51 and change to start the day.

There’s a hound baying up the road. Unknown birds singing to the daybreak. Now there’s another dog answering the hound.

We ran up on Roan Mountain yesterday afternoon. They had a Rhododendron Festival up there a little over a week ago. Judging by the blooms that were left, they were late this year. We only saw a few dozen blooms in the whole gardens. And we are too early this year for most of the rest of the wildflowers. We had a lovely walk through the spruce forest though.

Today well head down to Spruce Pine before we hit Little Switzerland and the Blue Ridge Parkway for the first time this trip. I’m looking forward to the drive.

I’ll leave you with this…

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