A Steamy Monday Morning Coffee Muses

Monday, June 19

A Steamy Monday Morning Coffee Muses

A Steamy Monday Morning Coffee Muses

It was still in the seventies (barely) this morning when I walked out. Though the air is so thick it looks hazy just looking towards the eastern woods.

I hope to finish with my Deere meditations today. I’ll go crawl around under the machine shortly now that I know what the problem was… washers used as spacers… I hate that I’ll have to do these meditations twice this week. I’ll have to do it again the day before we leave or the grass will take over before we get back.

Countdown week. Mountains here we come. Gonna spend time on Tom’s Knob once again. Let’s see if it feels as much like home as it did the last time.

When I first came out this morning there was a bulldozer working it’s way across the property behind me, my used to be woods. For the first half hour or so it was moving earth back along the bayou behind my cedars. From what I could see it looks like he was cutting a drainage swell to the bayou. He then moved to the eastern end of the property where I can hear him working still. At least it wasn’t as loud as the machines working on the pad next door.

Time for one more cup of courage before tackling the day…

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