Another Gorgeous Low Humidity Morning Coffee Muses III

Friday, June 9

Another Gorgeous Low Humidity Morning Coffee Muses III

Another Gorgeous Low Humidity Morning Coffee Muses

Another unusually quiet morning out here on the porch. Life is always better when you step outside and your cheaters don’t fog up. And while the mornings are nice, by afternoon it’s just hot. With the highs flirting with or above ninety, there’s just no way the humidity can get low enough to make that feel comfortable… at least not here on the SE Texas coast.

It looks like something may be starting to happen on the new neighbors new house. Tilson has changed out the sign for a much more impressive branding. They’ve also put the trash containment fence up and the permit board. I would say that once a porta potty shows up we should see foundation framing start. He told me the other day they were saying late November for completion which is online with what happened during our build.

Spent the morning yesterday listening to the Congressional hearing with James Comey. Who would of thought a year ago that Congressional hearings and White House press briefings would be such well watched TV… but then again, no administration has ever been ill served by it’s leader in the history of the Presidency. It’s quite apparent that Donald Trump was having a lot of fun setting up for his next act… and then he won the electoral college. It’s obvious he hadn’t expected it to happen. He wasn’t prepared for the outcome. He had no clue what to do, he doesn’t understand the constitution, he has no respect for the rule of law. He can’t comprehend that the institutions of American government are not going to bow to his imperial will. So now we get the only thing he was ever really good at… reality TV. Except this time it’s really real, and his actions have real world consequences… for both him, his administration, and the world.

Sadly, for his supporters, this reality show is about as real as the Apprentice was. Fox News makes sure of that. So as we all watch the unfolding of the Russian scandal, Congress will try to kick twenty plus million people off healthcare, this administration’s flacks in agencies across the government are rolling back protections for families, workers, consumers, the environment all to help the real elite in these United States of America… The one percenters and the corporations they control.

After thirty years of losing respect for everything Republican, I find myself having a great and burning anger building in my gut that republican voters actually elected this despotic regime to ruin my country. And to be forced to depend on a Supreme Court that Republicans stole to protect us… I don’t have a lot of hope.

Another Gorgeous Low Humidity Morning Coffee Muses II

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