Wet With More Rain On The Eastern Horizon Morning Coffee Muses

Monday, June 5

Wet With More Rain On The Eastern Horizon Morning Coffee Muses

Wet With More Rain On The Eastern Horizon Morning Coffee Muses

The world is wet and, at least for the season, cool. On the morning porch, a small patch of blue sky is shining in the west. To the east it’s also blue, but it’s an angry gray-blue of rain clouds. The south is a lighter gray of rain falling on someone else. The afternoon thunderstorms that blew thru yesterday were quite impressive, horizontal winds blowing the lengths of both porches. By the end of the afternoon, the temperature in the backyard had fallen to 68°.

Our resident Mississippi Kite is sitting sentinel on the high perch. The morning trains have been tooting their horns on both sides of town. The gulls are flying to and from wherever they fly every morning. The cardinals are pontificating from all sides of the yard. There are jays jaying down in the edge of the woods. The roar from the wet road of the bypass is lessening as the hour closes in on 8:00.

Someone has cut the weeds along the bayou since I can once again see the horses grazing on the other side. It opens up a view that until a few years ago wasn’t a view. That view was once completely blocked by the woods along the bayou. All of my neighbors have opened up what we’re once close views. My remnant across the back and Ricky’s corner remnant is all that’s left of probably 25 acres of woods. At least in what was cleared, they left the mature trees of everything but the Chinese tallows. All of the oaks, the pecans, the elms, all of those were left standing…

Just for the record, nothing much has changed in the past hour…

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    1. So true. I grew up visiting an Aunt and Uncle and a passel of Cousins who lived at the end of Red Bluff a block or two from the bay… Between Shoreacres and Seabrook. Almost the only tree in existence around them along the bay was Chinese Tallow. I have fallen out of more of those weak limbed trees than any other, never liked ’em as a kid or as an adult.

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