Warmish Wet Thunderous Morning Coffee Muses II

Sunday, June 4

Warmish Wet Thunderous Morning Coffee Muses

Warmish Wet Thunderous Morning Coffee Muses

There’s thunder booming to the south. Thunderstorms over Chocolate Bay moving north-northeast, if they stay on that path they’ll slide past us to the east. We had something move over us in the wee hours of the morning because everything is wet out and water is standing on the drive.

It’s Sunday morning quiet out here this morning. Hardly any traffic on the bypass, few people sounds at all. Mostly just birds and weather sounds over the background of hum of the fans… My kind of morning.

My cousins memorial service was quite nice and very well attended. There was an overflow crowd at the First Baptist Church in East Bernard. It seems the program followed a plan that Melba wrote out almost a decade ago. A barbecue lunch was served afterward at the Riverside Hall. After lunch Jan offered to argue politics in memory of her mother… I had to decline due to the sad state of politics in America. RIP Melba, I’ll really mis your presence at the Reunion this fall.

I’m becoming a convert to sous vide cooking. I haven’t had my unit but a few days and I’m loving it. The poached eggs alone will be worth the price of admission… to me anyway, no one else in my house cares for poached eggs. I used it to warm up some left over brisket from last weekend and could not get over how good it was. Juicy, tender, pull apart slices of smoked goodness, perfect for eating on sliced fresh Italian bread. Warmed up the pork chop from Friday night too, just as good and juicy as it was the first time. Doing that in the oven just dries everything out…

Here’s a photo of the kids and the grandkids from yesterday, the only one missing is Breanna. It was a grab shot as they were walking out the door…

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2 thoughts on “Sunday, June 4”

  1. I’m glad you had a good day yesterday. I’d never heard of sous vide cooking, so I looked it up. Interesting, but probably not for me.

    I think that rain that was sliding to the east of you might be coming in. It was clearish when I got up, but there’s static on the radio (how retro is that?) and low, dark clouds coming in. It’ll be a day for indoor delights, methinks.

    1. Well the rains didn’t hold off all day… and when they arrived they made themselves felt. The nice thing was they dropped the temperature all the way down to 70..

      Your right about sous vide, it’s not for everyone, but it accomplishes some things that are really hard to do any other way.

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