Monday, May 22

Lightly Raining, Slightly Cooler Morning Coffee Muses

Lightly Raining, Slightly Cooler Morning Coffee Muses

There’s a lite rain falling. One we really need. From the prognosticators out on the TV thingy, we’re about eight inches to the negative year to date… that’s in Houston, we’ve had even less down here. I don’t know how many storms have just missed giving up their rain as they passed us by.

Over the weekend, in the middle of the day, I had another cicada hearing, can’t call it a sighting. Now I’ve got frogs calling from the low spots where the woods once grew. Talk about the dichotomy of Texas weather.

It’s funny how little attention the birds pay to light rain. Chickadees and cardinals come to the feeder, bluebirds fly to and fro from the birdhouse, swallows swooping thru the air. Even had a pair of waterfowl flying by, with seagulls soaring over by and by. And way up on the highest perch, Mr. Kite surveys the world below.

It hasn’t been the best of weeks family wise… two cousins passed away. One on my mom’s side, followed by one from my dad’s. Two families going through the grief of losing a loved one. Both were loved, both will be missed. May they rest in peace.

Time for me to head in…

2 thoughts on “Monday, May 22”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your cousins’ passing. It’s never easy.

    I hope you’re getting some of the nice rain that we’re enjoying. It sounds stormier toward the coast, but it’s been raining nicely here since about 9a.m. — slow and steady. Perfect.

    1. Thanks Linda, it’s been raining here since sometime around seven. We had a bit of a scare a bit ago, and I did the unthinkable and turned on the TV. They had issued a tornado warning for a half hour or so about ten. Past now.

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