Friday, May 19

Just Another Hot And Humid Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Just Another Hot And Humid Spring Morning Coffee Muses

First thing first, Happy Birthday to my sister Sandy. I hope the day treats you to something nice… but, keep an eye on the weather…it’s looking a bit nasty to your west.

And speaking of the weather… ok summer, it’s not your time yet. When I get up in the morning and stumble into the bathroom the first thing I look toward is the outside temperature reading on the clock on the counter. And believe me, seeing it reads 78° at 7:30, I’m not looking forward to the day ahead… so stepping out on the back porch sauna after a shower just seems backwards.

And sitting here watching all of the moisture blowing north towards the storms in north Texas, I just can’t help but feel sorry for the folks living up there. If the rain holds off here, I may get the chance to ride the Deere today.

On the news yesterday I watched some poor Republican Congressman complaining about how everyone who interviewed him only wanted to ask about the White House and the President. No one it seems wants to hear his views on tax reform, healthcare, or any of the numerous conservative agenda items he wanted to talk about. All anybody wanted to talk about was Trump, the Russians, Comey and the Special Counsel… Poor baby. You know what my grandpa used to say… you gotta dance with the one  brung to the party.

Enough of this mugginess… even the ceiling fans can’t keep the summer back… I’m headed inside where spring still prevails… later

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