Thursday, May 18

Hot and Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

Hot and Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

I was late getting out today. I had to run the grandkids to school, so it was almost the end of my normal muse hour before I stepped out onto the back porch. And all i can say about that is ouch… Hot and muggy almost isn’t strong enough. It was already above 80° on it’s way above 90°, or so the prognosticators are foretelling. Even the breeze and the ceiling fans couldn’t make the rocking chair comfortable. Needless to say I’m typing these words at my desk. It looks like summer is here.

I’ve been noticing the last few days that a few cattle egrets are hanging around the front porch. It seems they are attracted to the white plastic flamingo in the flower bed. I don’t think they understand a bird that never moves, but, they keep checking it out.

The forecasted lows for the next week are in the upper 70’s, followed by a couple of days of upper 60’s. Highs will hover around 90 each day, which means at my place at least they’ll pass ninety as often as not.

In other news I see the Justice Department has finally appointed a special counsel to look into everything Trump and Russia. And in an unexpected turn of events President Trump kept quiet and didn’t start a tweetstorm… Not! You know President Trump might have had a chance to run out his term and get some of the things done had he only maned up and acted Presidential,,, Oh that’s right… Donald Trump. Here’s hoping Robert Mueller is able to follow the money and everything else  back to it’s source. Now, if only the great investigators in the House (who’ve had so much practice investigating Hillary) can just grow a pair, maybe they can get us a look at his tax returns… Maybe the tapes Trump was threatening Comey with might turn up too.

Check the countdown on the right and get ready to vote all these characters out…

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