Friday, May 12

Muggy, Muggy, Did i Say Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

Muggy, Muggy, Did i Say Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

Did I mention how muggy it is this morning? It’s not really warm, it’s just a few degrees warmer than inside the house. But, Lord, the humidity must be close to 90%. I mean you can see the moisture in the air… it’s hazy out here.

I have things to do today so these muses won’t be very long today.

Just for the record, the Mississippi Kites are still around, I see two this morning. And the mockingbird has started his morning song.

And in other fake news, Donald Trump has cleared himself of all imagined connections with Russia. He had his lawyers, great men and women all, really smart, send a certified letter to the Justice Department telling them he has not investments in Russia. That was the question, right?

It’s funny how the story out of the White House evolved in three days from his immediate superior recommended he be let go to I fired him because he was more loyal to the constitution than he was to me, Donald Trump. I called him to dinner, I demanded a pledge of loyalty to me and he only promised honesty. Then he went before Congress and kept talking about Russia this and Russia that. He asked for more money to investigate my loyal friends. It was so much harder than I thought it would be… so I fired him… Now will everybody just quit talking about my good friends in Russia?

This is just starting to get interesting. If Republicans keep playing like this doesn’t really matter I have a feeling enough Americans will begin to think that Republicans in Washington don’t really matter. Want to see what color the electoral map turns in 2018?

And then you have healthcare…


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