Saturday, May 6

Cool, Early, Before Sunrise Morning Coffee Muses

Cool, Early, Before Sunrise Morning Coffee Muses

The sun is just touching the tops of the trees. I’m up early to see the grandkids off on their first camping trip to Garner. I hope they have fun.

Ok, I knew it was cooler than I thought when I could see my breath steaming out. But I wasn’t expecting the thermometer on the weather station to be reading 49º.  That makes my normal shorts and tank top just a bit lite for the cool. I wasn’t expecting day three to be the coolest yet.

Traffic noises are loud for a Saturday. But then again, with all the main portals into Houston being closed this weekend, I’d be surprised if a lot of folks didn’t try to use our little highway as a detour.

Sorry, I went away there for awhile… there were a pair of birds perched at the top of some dead limbs a ways off that I didn’t recognize. Hawks it seemed, my 20x binoculars just couldn’t bring them close enough, but they appeared to have gray hoods. Went in and grabbed my spotting scope. I got a good look before they flew. I have to say they look like Mississippi kites. The first I’ve seen. Handsome birds, I hope they stay around.

Time to move….

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