Wednesday, May 3

Not Too Warm But Very Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

Not Too Warm But Very Muggy Morning Coffee Muses

There’s a lite rain falling this morning. A nice breeze is keeping it from feeling too muggy and warm. If there is one thing I’ll remember about the past year’s weather, besides the heat, it’ll be the winds. Strong, steady, all encompassing wind. It may not be blowing all of the time, but when it’s blowing it seem to always be blowing.

I hear the frogs calling in the woods. They must be anticipating the coming of the rains. There must be a dozen chickadees flying around trying to work up the courage to land on the feeder. A couple are braver than the rest and ignore me for a chance at sunflower seeds. The cardinals and the blue jays pay me no mind. The hummingbirds and the bluebirds just ignore me no matter how close I am.

The bridge swallows are back doing their aerial ballet above the yard. One of my favorite signs of spring and summer. Back when my kids were younger we had a trampoline out here where the house now sits. Many evenings I would lay out under the open sky watching a dozen or more swallows dipping and twirling in there search for flying insects. I remember sitting out on the deck last summer in Estes Park and watching the same show there.

Just looked at the radar, we are just below a warm front and there’s a cold front up around Dallas. This should be an interesting weather day in the state of Texas. Hopefully, not as interesting as the weekend when a number of tornadoes roared across the northeastern part of the state. Looks like if I want to make an HEB run, I should probably do it early rather than later.

Coffee’s gone, breakfast calls. Catch you on the other side.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 3”

  1. Well, I’ve found how useful an iPad can be when it’s time to cool my heels at the Toyota dealership. It’s major maintenance time, which is a couple of hours. Rather than mess with the transportation, I just charged this baby up, and may actually get caught up with email and such. With luck, I’ll be out of here before the weather gets active.

    I saw my first house finch of the season yesterday. They’re such pretty little birds, and have a nice song. For a dweller in the concrete jungle, they’re always nice to see.

    Hope all goes well for you today. I might make an HEB run, too.

  2. Whenever I have chores like that I take both my Kindle fire and my voyage. Redundant I know. But I really prefer book type reading on the voyage.

    My locale, for some reason, isn’t finch friendly. I seldom see many finches or sparrows with the exception of house sparrows, though come to think of it, I haven’t seen any house sparrows in a while.

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