Friday, April 28

Warm, Muggy, Windy Early Summer's Morning Coffee Muses

Warm, Muggy, Windy Early Summer’s Morning Coffee Muses

I was right yesterday… A yoyo is the only way to describe it. Its almost eighty again this morning… And Humid. The air is so thick it’s hazy before you get to the woods behind the house. What a laugh that last statement is… woods, just the remnant that’s left on my property of what once ran along the bayou a hundred yards deep or more for over a half mile. You could get lost in there for a whole day.

The bluebirds are still nest building in the bluebird house. The only flash of color on the mulberries is a red bellied woodpecker this morning.

I’m spending my days revisiting the family history research I did almost twenty years ago. Most of what I had still stands. Some estimated dates aren’t estimates any more. I’ve found additional generations forward and backward. Finding great-greats I didn’t know about before. DNA is leading to distant cousins, some suspected, some not, but all better matches with the DNA link.

Just last evening I found what appears to be the family of my great-great-grandmother living in the same county as my great-great-grandfather and almost next door to his cousin. While it isn’t proof, I’d say it’s pretty Damn probable. I’ll have to spend some more time today exploring 1850’s Georgia and Cherokee County in particular. Grandma Rebecca Edwards Medford I really never knew you, but I’m beginning to know you better.

Just for giggles and grins I took a selfy yesterday… And promptly broke the tablet… had to run a scan and fix on the memory card before I spotted the image today. So here you go…

Gary Boyd, Back Porch Morning Coffee Muses

And I’m gone…


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