Wednesday, April 26

Warm, Muggy, Windy, Too Much Like Summer Morning Coffee Muses

Warm, Muggy, Windy, Too Much Like Summer Morning Coffee Muses

When I walked out t his morning the temperature was already pushing 80º and the sun wasn’t even out yet. Even with the fans turning and the wind blowing, comfort wasn’t the word of the day. Add to those troubles a total lack of usable WiFi and my morning muse was short circuited… Still don’t know what is happening with the WiFi, but the indoor weather is much more conducive to muses.

This new round of genealogy research has already led to a few new cousins. I had an email from a 2nd cousin once removed. She was pointing out a few mistakes on her line where we connect. I corrected my data and shared emails with her. We share a Great-Great-Grandfather on my Sewell line, what we don’t share is the same Great-Great-Grandmother. I descend from his first wife, she descends from the second. Between the two wives they produced 16 children before gr-gr-grandpa died at 86 in 1918.

I’ve also been in virtual conversations with a couple of Sherry’s distant cousins who connected through DNA tests. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the full DNA concept, but, I’m trying. I’m waiting on my Y-DNA test to see if I can jump my brick wall back in the early 1800’s with my Gr-Gr-Grandpa Edward Boyd. He was in Georgia in the 1840’s thru 50’s with a wife and family, came to Texas and married my Gr-Gr-Grandma in 1853 in Lamar County. Moved to Lampasas County before 1860 and died before 1870. I’ve been looking for his roots now for 20 years.

Time to move on… Later

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