Tuesday, April 25

Almost Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Almost Cool Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Yes, the ceiling fans are on. It’s comfortable out, it would be great if the middle of the day felt like this. But that’s not my future now… The prognosticators are foretelling a high in the mid eighties.  So, we start the day in spring before ending it in summer… or what passes for high summer in most places.

This morning I’ve been watching a bluebird couple shopping for a second home to raise second brood. While they were in and out, sizing out the room, a fledgling showed up with mouth agape. The one kid who hasn’t left the nest yet… literally. I can commiserate. I hope they decide to move in, I really like to have bluebirds resident in the backyard. Being able to hear their soft song on a regular basis lifts my heart.

Family history is calling me in, WikiTree has proven to be addictive. While cleaning up some of my ancestral lines that were in my upload, I am revisiting research on branches I haven’t seen in decades. The availability of new online resources is amazing. I am discovering some old research that’s pretty sloppy, so I have a chance to correct it. And my sourcing… after twenty years and five different genealogy programs, the lack of a consistent import feature is showing. Family Tree Maker has now gone through three separate owners… And programmers.

Oh well, it’s keeping me off of the online gaming sites. Not that I enjoy getting my butt kicked by pre-teens on a regular basis.

The backyard has come alive all of a sudden… cedar waxwings, bluebirds, cardinals, mockingbirds, cattle egrets, blue jays, hummingbirds… The abundance of species has me straining my neck to look in multiple directions at once… later.

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