Friday, April 14

Good Friday Morning Coffee Muses

Good Friday Morning Coffee Muses

Schools are closed, daycares are closed, but workplaces are open. Such is the dichotomy of a religious holiday in a much more secular world. Parents all over this country are forced to make choices about family and their occupation. Many do not have an option. And children everywhere sit at home unsupervised.

As holidays go Good Friday has always a bit different. Exactly why is it a school holiday anywhere but parochial schools?  It shows how much the Christian Faith still calls the shots in America. We have no holidays specific to any other religions. Before it became “winter” break, it was called Christmas break. Before it was spring break it was Easter break. Where is Passover break, Ramadan break… are we missing a Shinto holiday, a Hindu or a Buddhist holiday? Does this even seem strange to anyone else. Are is it just my long hair, hippie, liberal mind asking questions that seem obvious to me and piss off everyone else?

This was not the way I saw these muses going when I sat down this morning. But then again, this is where my mind wandered. If you went along for the ride, I hope you enjoy this beautiful Good Friday morning…

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