Thursday, April 13

Bright And Sunny If A Bit Damp Morning Coffee Muses

Bright And Sunny If A Bit Damp Morning Coffee Muses

After two days of overcast with afternoon downpours, the day is bright like it’s been washed and polished. Though, the main sonic description would have to be “barnyard”. The neighbors cows are vocal this morning, which isn’t common. Most days you would never know they’re there. I’m also hearing more chickens than usual. Add in the peacocks from around the corner screaming “help…help…help” and the morning has seemed different…

And, the sun does something to the lighting. Yesterday the world was green, today, it’s the same green world but it doesn’t have that magical feel. I’m not looking for the leprechaun behind the bushes.

Speaking of bushes… Yesterday while I was working on WikiTree l saw a link to check your relationship to the Presidents. Just for grins and giggles, I started checking. Wouldn’t you know it… My only Presidential cousin would turn out to be the two Presidents Bush. H W is my eighth cousin, G W is my eighth cousin one time removed… my second least favorite President is my cousin… Damn. Family, what can you do… On a better note, Daniel Boone is my first cousin, eight times removed. That relationship I was already aware of.

All of this family history stuff is bringing cousins out of the ether. I’m getting emails from distant cousins of both Sherry and myself on an almost daily basis. It also has me digging into paper records I haven’t looked at in decades. The reminders are kind of nice. I could almost smell the limestone walls in the basement of the century and a half old courthouse in Coryell County. I spent many hours in that basement with the smell of old paper and in k wafting up from books handwritten in the 1860’s and 70’s… Research is so much different now that many records are online..

Time to refresh my cup… catch ya later.

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