Blue And Green Morning Coffee Muses

Sunday, March 19

Blue And Green Morning Coffee Muses

Blue And Green Morning Coffee Muses

The bowl of the sky is crystal blue, the bowl of the earth is almost entirely green. It’s another beautiful summer’s morning at the tail end of the calendar winter. Birds singing, rabbit eating grass, sun shinning and clear cloudless sky, just beautiful… for a winter summer’s morning in the heart of a Texas spring.

I am beginning to see the first leaves on the red oak now…so only the pecans are standing bare. It’s a good thing Leon Hale no longer makes his trip south in search of spring… He would have been leaving in the heart of winter this year… If the weather patterns hold like our past winter, I’ll be planning a trip in January to search out winter. What a road trip that would have been this year.

Another week or so and I’ll be able to sit out here on the back porch without the glaring morning sun. Right about then we’ll have what I call the sun transiting the house. All winter long the sun rises in the opening on the east end of the porch and takes a few hours to get high enough to put me in shade. But soon, it’s rising position on the horizon will move far enough north that the house will shade me through the summer. Most winters this property makes the back porch comfortable in colder weather… this year not so much. But transition day is one I look forward to every year.

2 thoughts on “Sunday, March 19”

    1. I’m waiting for the sun to move far enough for my north-ish facing front porch to begin getting it’s share of the sun… summer’s coming…

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