And Another In A Long Line Of Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

Thursday, March 16

And Another In A Long Line Of Overcast Morning Coffee Muses
And Another In A Long Line Of Overcast Morning Coffee Muses

My Kindle just wouldn’t play nice with this website this morning. After trying and trying to get this post done outside I gave up and came in to finish… I stopped in the kitchen for another cup of muses and decided I would like an early breakfast so I toasted a couple of slices of Dave’s bread and fried  myself three eggs in coconut oil.

A funny thing happened to the morning overcast… The minute I came in… It cleared up, and now looking out my window it’s sunny… Gotta love Texas weather.

I am sitting here watching a Red-bellied Woodpecker on the feeder out front. He and his mate have been daily visitors for the last month or more. Practically every time I look out one or the other is on the feeder, and sometimes both are there. Watched the male have an argument with a blue jay yesterday. I am seeing more doves in the last week… Both mourning and white wings. The number of chickadees and titmice have been down this year. And I haven’t seen a Carolina wren in ages. I miss all three. This year I am seeing more mockingbirds after a almost complete absence last year.


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  1. That’s funny, that you should mention the mockingbirds. I’ve noticed the same thing. They’re everywhere — and some of them seem quite bold. I’m hoping my early morning singer will show up again. Since the cat likes to wake me up about 4 in the morning, I might as well have something nice to listen to. He’s been around for at least three years, and sings so loudly it comes right through the windows.

    1. It was always the Carolina wrens on the front porch that would blast his song thru closed windows… that could be why I miss them so…

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