Warm And Muggy Before The Cool Morning Coffee Muses

Wednesday, March 1

Warm And Muggy Before The Cool Morning Coffee Muses

Warm And Muggy Before The Cool Morning Coffee Muses

I can’t remember a season with as many overcast mornings. Just looking back through these morning post photos it’s gray sky after gray sky with a few blue skies mixed in for variety. Today we have a cool front stretching across Texas in the more normal horizontal orientation, as I write this it’s just about Huntsville. It looks a bit like rain here and when I opened the radar I was greeted with just three blotches of rain on the state… all three on top of my house. Go figure.

I tried to watch our so-called President’s speech last night, and I did pretty well. I made it through about thirty minutes. I think I killed it when he mentioned the new office at Homeland that they named VOICE. The whole concept of an office just to propagandize violent crime against citizens by illegal immigrants… it’s a solution looking for a problem. How much is this new bureaucracy going to cost to grow fear of non-citizens? Which progressive program will have it’s funding cut to pay for this media office.

The President’s speech was advertised as being an optimistic view of America. The only thing optimistic that I found in his depressing views on my country was that he thought he could call on Democrats to work with Republicans to roll back seven decades of progress in America. His optimistic view that Democrats will get on board with Ryancare… His optimistic view that Democrats will vote for block grants for Medicaid… And what the hell is this bit of song and dance about for every new regulation you have to roll back two. Folks, regulations are all that protect us from the greed of the few at the top of the economic food chain, and we’ve been losing ground there for the last few decades.

Basically what I heard last night was a man without a clue telling everyone that he would do what he promised in the campaign no matter what the consequences. By a fluke of our election laws, Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States against the wishes of the majority of folks who even showed up to vote. He was not elected king, this country isn’t his beloved Russia where an ex-KGB killer can do whatever he wants in the name of power.

What’s really sad is, that after eight years of being the party of “No”, Republicans last night looked like a bunch of drunken frat boys laughing it up at a party, high fiving each other for pulling it off. All I can say is God help America and the World… Because from all indications, leadership left the building at the White House.

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