Another Almost Perfect Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Sunday, February 26

Another Almost Perfect Spring Morning Coffee Muses

Another Almost Perfect Spring Morning Coffee Muses

It’s Sunday quiet out this morning. The bird symphony is back and somewhere far off a mower is mowing, there’s a distant roar of steel wheels on rails coming from another direction… Now an air horn at a crossing. But what’s absent is the highway roar from the bridge… Sunday quiet.

Yesterday’s morning winds are gone. But the morning cool is still in evidence. When the sun’s warmth isn’t overpowering the morning’s cool, that’s what makes for an almost perfect spring day. The view from the back porch is getting greener by the day. The bare limbs stretching into the crystal blue sky are rapidly sorting themselves out to just pecans… And the bluebird’s are whispering their call. Almost perfect.

We are coming up on the time of year when most of the wintering raptors head back north. And the migrating warblers will move thru in a few weeks bringing even more spring color to my world. Driving around town it looks like the azaleas are reaching peak bloom already. Everyone else’s redbud tree is covered in spring pink, except mine. Even the blue bonnets at the railroad underpass are showing their first few blooms. What I haven’t seen yet are the flocks of cedar waxwings that normally whistle from tree to tree in flocks.

Just as I turned on the ceiling fans to cut the sun’s heat, a few high thin clouds drifted in to do the job for me. Now I need to turn the fans back off. But through it all, a Disney song keeps running through my head… Zippity doo da…

2 thoughts on “Sunday, February 26”

  1. I was down at Brazoria WF yesterday, and saw lots and lots of robins, up in the treetops right there at the gate. Last night, there had to be hundreds of sandhills in the fields south of 2004, between the field office and 227. And in a ditch along the road leading into San Bernard, there were precisely three blue flags. They were short but they were there. And I got my first photo of a big, fat frog! A perfect day, indeed.

    1. The robins are what I’ve missed most these last few years. Before the woods along Mustang Bayou were cleared, every winter brought hundreds of them to my yard. They would roost in the trees at night and pick through the leaf litter by day.
      Those fields you speak of is where I expected to find the sandhills on my birthday. When I didn’t, I was concerned. When I didn’t see any all day it felt strange as I always see so many on my road trip…
      I’m glad you enjoyed your trip…

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