Sunny And Cold Morning Coffee Muses

Thursday, February 16

Sunny And Cold Morning Coffee Muses

Sunny And Cold Morning Coffee Muses.

The dew sits heavily on the grass, glistening in the morning sun.

My breath rises visible in the sun’s light… like a two decade old memory of another me.

Cardinals mark territories with songs of warning. A bluebird’s song is looking for a mate.

The male bluebird’s looking at houses, fluttering here, fluttering there peering into door holes before moving to another.

For a bird I didn’t grow up with, I notice each quiet call around the yard… even back when I didn’t know what I was hearing.

It doesn’t take long for the sun’s warmth to drive me out of my jacket as I watch tiny birds play king of the tree.

The ongoing warmth of this winter has destroyed the normal group dynamics and set up mating cycles too early.

Time to loose a jacket and pour another cup of muses…

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