Cool Almost Wintery Morning Coffee Muses

Wednesday, February 15

Cool Almost Wintery Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Almost Wintery Morning Coffee Muses.

The sunlit sky makes a line on the southern horizon.

An all gray mass slowly crosses the sky trying to shut it off.

Here and there a spot of blue breaks the bleakness of another overcast morning.

The feel of the morning air is, for a change, seasonably cool.

A rift in the sky opens for the sun to break through…

Nature holding it’s breath… breathes as the warmth bathes my face.

For now, sunlit skies have returned, wind whispers thru the trees, birds sing…

The thump… thump… thump of tires crossing expansion joints on the bayou bridge intrude on my muses…

And… clouds reclaim the warmth.

So I sit and enjoy the cool of our too warm winter as it becomes our spring.

And… north winds make the pines sigh as they move their limbs to and fro.

The sky, once gray, then blue, is gray once more… The air once still now blustery,  chilling my skin.

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