Cool Damp Misty Morning Coffee Muses

Monday, February 13

Cool Damp Misty Morning Coffee Muses

Cool Damp Misty Morning Coffee Muses.

Monochromatic skies over unseasonably green ground.

Mourning doves filling the gray woods with soft sad moaning.

Bright crimson jewels flashing on tree limbs, calling to their subdued yet handsome mates.

Small flashes of golden sunlight from warblers flitting to and fro.

Goldfinches still dressed in winter drab, waiting, waiting.

A rooster crowing, a dog’s bark, sounds that fill a mornings quiet.

Winds sighing thru the pines, blowing inland from a sea…

Carrying odors of salt and sun and damp over miles of landscape, still.

Once a rough seat ‘neath the pines, now gone, but remembered still…

To sit and listen as pines conversed with the spirits of the wind.

Gusts of breeze stirring memories of other winds, of other places, of faces long gone.

A crow kawing, another answering, conversations on the wing.

Coffee’s gone, dregs are cold, time calls these muses to a close.


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