Another Warm And Muggy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Sunday, February 12

Another Warm And Muggy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Another Warm And Muggy Sunday Morning Coffee Muses.

If anything this winter has been unusual for a number of reasons, but the hellish temperatures are high on the list. And as much as I’ve complained, I thought it was a localized phenomenon. Then yesterday on Facebook I saw someone post about temperatures in the nineties in Oklahoma. There was even a 99 degree reading on the map they shared. How the hell are these summertime temperatures reaching halfway up the continent in the middle of winter.

You know if I was superstitious I’d be looking at that orange haired gent in our white house in DC. Ever since he started fumbling around acting like he thought he was some sort of a God King mother nature has been acting strange. Climate change deniers be warned, you have your elected God King, be very careful what you do now, we may not have a lot of time left to try and fix things. But, then again, many of you believe that the last eight years were harbingers of the end times anyway… So maybe this is what you have been waiting for all along.

But if the Donald is the second coming like he seems to think… Count me out.

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