Hot And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

Tuesday, February 7

Hot And Humid Morning Coffee Muses

Hot And Humid Morning Coffee Muses.

I would almost prefer a glass of ice tea this morning. It’s already in the mid seventies on the back porch. According to the prognosticators, we will be in record high temperature country for the next couple of days. Today’s high is forecast to be 84, tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. You’re not supposed to be pushing 90 degrees in the first full week of February. Come summer, I would kill for temperatures like this.

Some time today or tomorrow I will go thru my camera and edit some images from yesterday. I think I’ll cheat and backdate a post to Monday covering my Birthday Road Trip. As far as my annual road trips go, is wasn’t bad, not the best, not the worst. A couple of things I noticed tho, I saw no sandhill cranes nor did I see any rosette spoonbills. Both are usually very common.

If these temperatures keep this up, I’m going to have to change my schedule and get out earlier…

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