Sun Breaking Thru The Overcast

Sunday, February 5

Warmer But Still Overcast Sunday Morning Coffee Muses

Warmer But Still Overcast Sunday Morning Coffee Muses.

At 8 am this morning it was already 66 degrees. In one of the paradoxes of Texas weather the temperature rose through the night. The low last night was the high yesterday. Looking at the backyard today I am amazed at how much green has returned.

The air is heavy with moisture today. It makes the morning symphony of birds louder in the quiet of a Sunday morning. Even with the ceiling fans muffled background roar… The morning sounds carry further thru this not so wintery air. Crows, a hawk, cardinals everywhere, dogs barking, a train whistling the crossings up, winter warblers, year-round chickadees and titmice it really is a cacophony of sounds.

I better go play morning chef, I’m sure the wife is getting hungry…

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