It's Cool, It's Breezy, It Looks Like Winter Coffee Muses

Friday, February 3

It's Cool, It's Breezy, It Looks Like Winter Coffee Muses

It’s Cool, It’s Breezy, It Looks Like Winter Coffee Muses.

There’s a nice north wind blowing this morning and once again we are feeling a bit nippy, or as my youngest daughter used to say, it’s a bit nipply. With the steel blue-gray skies it has all the earmarks of a winter’s day in February on the Texas Gulf.

Back when I lived with my grandparents in south Texas, this was the kind of day I’d wander into the brush, find me a creosote thicket to block the wind, build a small sqaw wood fire and enjoy the morning. It wouldn’t take very long for my intrusion to be forgotten, even with the fire, and nature would move back in and begin to do whatever it was doing before I arrived. It was always a nice contemplative morning. Small birds in the mesquite branches overhead. The rustling of small mammals in the leaf litter. Sometimes a deer or two bedded down nearby.

Ever since the inaugural day of mourning, traffic has picked up on this site of my daily musings. And, the funny thing is, only one search term shows up in the stats… presidential voice. Sadly, it’s the one thing that has been missing since that very day. Donald Trump doesn’t have it. And it’s not just the sound of his voice, though the smarmy, syrupy way he speaks doesn’t help. It’s more the total lack of sincerity. Telling me over and over again how great you are “… just trust me”… Man, if I’ve learned anything from six decades of living, it’s you don’t trust someone like that. And, if you’re smart, anytime you’re around them you keep a hand on you wallet. But, Donald Trump most definitely doesn’t have that Presidential Voice.

Could it be that Donald Trump doesn’t really believe, in whatever he calls his heart, that he really is The President of The United States? Could it be he is running just as fast as he can before everyone discovers what he’s known all along? And, that title he won, The President of The United States… It isn’t King of America, it isn’t President of America… It’s President of the United States,  And boy has he failed at that one. There’s nothing united about the United States today… Think about that Mr. President… Think about that.

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