A Warm And Bright End Of January Coffee Muses

Tuesday, January 31

A Warm And Bright End Of January Coffee Muses

A Warm And Bright End Of January Coffee Muses.

I sat myself down this morning in the back porch sun… And got myself back up to turn on the ceiling fans. On the radio yesterday I heard mention of upper seventies today, even pushing 80 degrees. That’s degrees Fahrenheit in honor of the first chap to ever produce more than one thermometer that registered the same temperature at the same time… A trivia fact from that same radio listening binge.

Not that you can tell, but there’s probably well over a hundred birds in the photo above. Listening to all the different calls is a bit discordant. I won’t get to enjoy it too long, I have much to do today.

I spent yesterday on the island waiting on a woman, to steal a song sentiment. Oh, I was also looking for free WiFi… Sherry managed to get herself picked on a Federal Jury… So, she’s at work today, then it’s back to the island each day for the rest of the week… Where I’ll bounce from McDonald’s coffee to Library quiet.


One thought on “Tuesday, January 31”

  1. Oh, my. Well, I have only two words for you: Sunflower Bakery. I guess actually I should offer four: Sunflower Bakery and Cafe. If you don’t know it, you’ll love it. It’s my fav place in Galveston. The scones are wonderful.

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