Another Cool Overcast January Coffee Muses Morning

Saturday, January 28

Another Cool Overcast January Coffee Muses Morning

Another Cool Overcast January Coffee Muses Morning.

It’s still. It’s quiet. It’s cool. It’s cloudy. There are a pair of cardinals in the cypress tree. The crows have inspected the yard from on high looking for the always anticipated offerings of stale bread. Traffic sounds intrude on the morning peace, akin to the crows kawing their disdain. There is a bare hint of a sun showing thru the clouds.

From in the house comes a hint of sound as the grandkids occupy themselves with the modern-day equivalent of Saturday morning cartoons. High in the sky a swirling mass of sea gulls is flying over, going who knows where from some unknown shore… our maybe just from one Wal-Mart parking lot to another. And there, high on a leafless tree, another crow has stopped to look for offerings.



2 thoughts on “Saturday, January 28”

  1. The comings and goings of the seagulls is interesting, and just slightly mysterious. Over here at South Shore, there are hundreds of them that gather on the docks during the day. At night, they raise up and take off for — where? I haven’t a clue. They head out over the bay, and are gone. It would make more sense to me for them to come in and roost on the docks during the day, but I clearly don’t have a grasp on how seagulls think. In another month, they’ll be as noisy as the crows, as they begin pairing up to make baby seagulls.

    1. Linda, I regularly see flocks of seagulls frying across the sky, sometimes dozens, sometimes hundreds. Always more than can be found at any parking lot around here.

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