Tuesday, January 24 Coffee Muses

Tuesday, January 24

Tuesday, January 24 Coffee Muses

An almost perfect Tuesday morning Coffee Muses, just warm.

Today is almost a repeat of yesterday morning, just warmer. I need to move one of my temperature sensors. The one in the backyard hangs in the kumquat tree. Until recently, it was shaded… big freeze… not so much shade. About the only shade left is the cedars. I guess they win by default.

Today’s sky has a few wisps of white floating about. Must mean a change is on the way… Yes, one more of these crazy warm days. A little rain in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon then north winds for a while. The prognosticators are calling for sunny days with highs in the 60’s right into next week.

It’s time to go check on Rocky the robot vacuum, he tends to get himself into tight spots more as he gets older and needs help getting out…

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