A Bright and Sunny Winter's Sunday Coffee Muses

Sunday, January 22

A Bright and Sunny Winter's Sunday  Coffee Muses

A Bright and Sunny Winter’s Sunday Coffee Muses.

After thunder and lightning with a bit of rain overnight, this morning is what I think a perfect winter’s day should be. It’s cool enough that with the breeze, a balance is reached with the sun streaming down and the warmth is just right. But… only with the breeze.

If you look at the full sized version of the image above, on the far right you will see my kumquat tree. The freeze a couple of weekends ago took away most of the leaves and left the giant fruit. All I have to say is, they ain’t my grandpa’s kumquats… I remember well those little bite sized orange fruits. These naval orange sized things are bitter/sour in the extreme. Some of my family like  ’em some can’t stand ’em. But the smell is exactly like I remember.

I was much heartened by the show of resistance yesterday. While I know in my heart nothing we do will change our new President’s will, I can only hope that the will of the people will cause the Republican office holders to pause and think about their future before they run willie-nillie towards the cliff Donald Trump is leading them towards. Their fight to turn back the clock 100 years or so will not bring the results they long for. I am extremely proud of my family and friends who participated in the Women’s Matches held around the world… I am proud to say “I stand with them”. And to all the bullies of the world I say, “I have their backs, each and every one, no matter where, no matter when!” We The People will not tolerate hate.

Have a peaceful and blessed day of disrespect towards our new government.

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