Thursday, January 19

Cool and Wet Morning Coffee Muses

Cool and Wet Morning Coffee Muses.

There’s a light rain falling. Water babbling in the downspouts. For the first day in a while the temperature is in the 60 degree neighborhood. I can’t remember when morning started below 70.

The birds are relatively quiet today as they flutter about looking for a protected place to wait out the rain. Speaking of rain, yesterday’s was probably the strangest I’ve seen in a while. My wife drove in to work in Houston and ended up having to drive through flooding streets. All morning long Houston fought another round of widespread flooding. And across the southeastern side of the city no rain fell. We didn’t get any rain at all until after 2 p.m.

On a side note, I want to thank President Barack Obama, on this his last full day in office, for his service to his country. I assure you, Mr President, your absence will not go unnoticed. The entire world will look back on your times in office with a different set of eyes shortly. Principles matter. Thank you for using yours to lead us for the past eight years. You will be missed.

Afternoon Coffee Muses

After the rains, the sun has played hide and seek in the clouds. But it’s still cool enough to not need the ceiling fans…

Afternoon Coffee Muses

Setting Sun In Back Yard

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