Tuesday, January 17

Warm and muggy Coffee Muses.
Even the birds sound subdued this morning.

I think I have their malaise. 74 degrees and 96 percent humidity, that’s a warm summer’s day in a big portion of the country. I live for our winter weather… I endure spring and fall… I hibernate during our hellish summer… But our mostly cool, mostly sunny winters… Those are the days that keep me sane. And, sadly for me, those are the days that seem to be all to rare as I get older.

Looking at the picture above, you would not believe what it feels like on the porch this morning. We hit 80 degrees again yesterday in the backyard. That’s three day’s in a row that I’ve noticed. Not January weather, that’s for sure. We have been pushing record highs all month… With the exception of the two days we actually tried to hit record lows. 

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