Friday, January 13

Friday the thirteenth coffee muses… It’s warm, humid, overcast again… Just about a perfect summer’s morning except it’s winter.

As I sit here listening to the birds… and cows… and dogs… I can hear the sound of a train horn in the distance. All of those sounds can be heard at almost any time of the day, and the train can be heard most of the night too.

Funny what a difference a week can make. Last week the grass was still green. Just look down the page… Today it’s mostly brown. So, even if it doesn’t feel like winter, it now looks a lot more like winter.

2 thoughts on “Friday, January 13”

  1. At least you got to see your grass and trees today. Over here, we were socked in with fog the whole day. I expected it to lift this afternoon, but no such luck. Gloomies, it was.

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