Weather Underground Quandry

Do you see what’s wrong in the screen capture above? Today’s projected high of 56° is forecast to be “much warmer” than yesterday’s 81°.

I do not know what has happened at the Weather Underground since they were bought by the Weather Channel, but it hasn’t been pretty. Could ownership by IBM be part of the issue?

One thought on “Weather Underground Quandry”

  1. Oh, heavens. I haven’t used WU for at least a couple of years, and probably longer. I depend on NWS, the Texas Storm Chasers app, and the Radarscope app (the pro version, which is $10/yr). For a quick look at current conditions I use weatherforyou DOT com, and I keep the College of DuPage severe warnings page as a bookmark. It beats everything else for finding a warning quickly.

    I’ve heard complaints from many of my old WU buddies, most of whom either have stuck with particular bloggers there, or gone on to other things. I need accuracy, not cute graphics, and WU just doesn’t do it for me any more.

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