Tuesday Morning Coffee Muses, January 3

There’s a fine line the winter temperature must walk for this porch to be comfortable with the sun shining brightly. Today’s temperature is flirting with the upper limits of that line. The temperature on the other side of the house is just now moving into the sixties, but here on the south side I’ve had to turn on the ceiling fans… So much for a cold front. The prognosticators are still predicting the thirties before the week is done.

There’s a pillated woodpecker announcing it’s presence in the remnant of woods along the bayou. One of the most primal sounds I have ever heard. Most of the yard appears to be filled with smaller birds though. The number of cheeps and chirps that I hear grows by the day. So, even though it looks more like spring, I guess winter is here for a while.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Muses, January 3”

  1. Hooray! The comment box is still small, but it’s usable. It just looks unusual. It is a beautiful day, for sure. There’s an osprey perched atop the boat I’m working on. Best office-mate ever.

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